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Opt for Laser Surgery in Anjou

Less Pain and Infection

Since your pet’s welfare is important to us, at Clinique Vétérinaire Jarry we use the most modern and efficient technologies when providing treatment. We perform surgery using a laser instrument which, due to its high heat, cauterizes the affected nerve endings and kills bacteria around the wound. Your pet will therefore experience less postoperative pain and be less at risk of infection compared with traditional surgery.

Increased Precision and Safety

Rest assured that at our clinic, your pet’s safety during any surgery is paramount. That's why we use laser surgery technology, which allows us to make extremely precise incisions. This increased control over our surgical instrument prevents damage to your pet’s adjacent tissues and, with cauterization, also reduces bleeding during surgery. A lower risk of bleeding allows our veterinarians to reduce the time of the operation and anesthesia, making the surgery much safer.

Quick Recovery

The superior performance of laser technology over traditional tools also has the advantage of significantly reducing the recovery time of your pet after surgery, in addition to almost completely eliminating post-surgical complications. Your pet will experience less swelling and have less risk of rupture of the stitches caused by an edema, which is an accumulation of fluid in the wound.

Versatile Technology

Laser surgery applies to several surgeries:

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